You found me!

As you can see, The Sweet Life underwent an extreme makeover last week. While I was enjoying my vacation in Central Oregon  I had some extra Eden-care and spent the free time preparing the launch of this: my new, self-hosted, much more user friendly webpage. Please look around and enjoy the new diggs.

But wait. Before you go exploring, I have something for you.

Squash Chips!

I have been getting So Much squash from my farm share. The first week squash showed up in my crate I cooked and pureed it for Eden.  The next week, with a freezer full of baby food and even more squash to use, I baked my first batch of veggie chips.

They were good, although they didn’t bake evenly and quickly lost their crunch. Last week when my crate came with a bounty of squash I brought out my dehydrator and tried the chips again. I preferred the dehydration method but I will share both techniques.

Squash Chips

about 4-5 large squash (I had zucchini, summer squash, and tromboncino squash) or whatever fits in your dehydrator (I did two rounds)

1-3 tbsp olive oil (depending on the size of the batch and preference)

salt and freshly ground pepper

*you can also use beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.

Slice vegetables as thin as possible (about 1/8th-1/16th inch). Place squash in a big bowl, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Mix together to coat the squash.

To dehydrate: Place in single layer in your dehydrator, set to vegetable setting, and turn on for about 8 hours, until dry and a little crispy.

To bake: Spread single layer on cookie sheets. Bake at 220 degrees F for several hours until crisp. Allow to cool completely before storing.

Store at room temperature in an airtight container.

Have you begun preserving any food yet from the summer harvest?