Jason and I said goodbye to the last of our house guests today, deep cleaned the house, then sat down on the couch letting out big sighs. We took a short family nap, with Eden and Swede and when we woke up it had finally settled in that the holidays are over.

For the last eleven days our house has been filled with family and friends, making it a truly wonderful Christmas.

I love a full house. Loud with the sounds of children playing and jokes be told. Aromatic with the smells of freshly baked cookies and warm apple cider. I am truly blessed to have these things in my life.

While this Christmas season was among the best ever, I am ready to resume normal life. Morning walks with the dog, baking experiments in the kitchen, Friday Night Lights with Jason after Eden goes down.  But before life gets totally back to normal, I have to kick this cold that crept in on me during the chaos.

At Whole Foods we used to make a drink called “Cold Buster” which was essentially this Spicy Apple Detox Juice. I don’t know if it is the name of the drink, the healing powers of ginger and cayenne, or just a warm, soothing drink on a scratchy throat, but this drink always seemed to do the trick. So this morning I brought out my juicer and started my day with this detox juice. Here’s to hoping for complete health tomorrow.

Spicy Apple Detox Juice

3 apples, peeled and cored
1 inch fresh ginger root, peeled
1-2 tbsp lemon juice
pinch of cayenne pepper

In a juicer or Vitamix blender juice apples and ginger. Mix in lemon juice and cayenne to taste. Enjoy hot or cold.


How is back-to-health January going for you?

I got an message from a reader today saying that by switching to a vegan and raw diet as a new years resolution, she has already lost all of her holiday weight! Is any one else on day 3 of a new vegan diet? What changes are you noticing? 

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