A couple weeks ago I did an interview with Maria Eilersen from SHK Magazine which recently got published. If you’ve ever wanted to know a little more about me, beyond the food and Instagram photos of my daughter, make sure to check out the interview!  A sneak peek:  shk


Our new favorite vegan food blog has it all. From recipes to food porn — err, photography — creator Sarah McMinn strikes a perfect balance when she combines her skills as a chef, writer, photographer and mommy together as one. The result, her blog The Sweet Life, will make your mouth water. McMinn, who went vegan in 2006 and “never looked back,” talks with SHK about her e-cookbook, being a vegan parent, the “raw movement,” and, something we can all relate to, her irrational love of all things pizza related.


Sarah! I am obsessed with your drool worthy recipes. How do you come up with them?

Thank you. I get inspiration for recipes everywhere. Pinterest is a major source, for there are so many good ideas on that website that are in desperate need of veganization. I have an entire board titled “To Veganize,” which is where I file away all the amazing looking desserts I hope to someday re-create. Lying in bed late at night is another inspiring time to create recipes. When sleep won’t come I think about flavors and ingredients and new ways to use them. Some of my most creative dishes have come to me during these times. I am also always striving to create recipes that close the gap between the foods vegans and omnivores enjoy. For example, a couple months ago I made a vegan Cobb Salad that generated a lot of attention – both good and bad – because of how closely it resembled a traditional Cobb Salad. Despite its mixed reviews, I felt the recipe was a success because it did exactly what I had aimed to do: show vegans that their diets do not have to be restricting.

The quality of the images on your blog is really the cherry on top of its appeal. Do you have any professional training in photography?

I don’t often admit this, but I majored in photography in college. I tend to keep quite about this because I was not a very good photography student. It was clear that while my peers were growing leaps and bounds around me, my photography was stale and stagnant. I finished out my major with a final evaluation during which time my professor told me she did not believe I had a future in photography. Discouraged (to put it lightly), I did not touch a camera for years afterwards. Then, just before my daughter was born  (2012), my husband and I saved up to buy a Canon Rebel Digital SRL. And although the camera was for our new baby, it has seen a lot more food on the other side of that lens! I can’t tell you how good it feels to be taking pictures again and to be using a skill that I was told I didn’t have.

You’ve been vegan since 2006. What was your diet like before?

I had a pretty traditional diet. Although I flirted with vegetarianism now and again, it never stuck. Environment, health, nor animal rights were none of my concern.

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