By now most of you have heard about Vegan Cuts, the online market place that took the vegan community by storm just over a year ago. Vegan Cuts offers many different products and through a variety of ways, establishing themselves as a significant presences right from the beginning.  They provide two monthly boxes: the vegan snack box and the vegan beauty box, both which allow you to sample new products right when they come out and find what’s right for you. Beyond that, they have an awesome vegan marketplace where I’m planning on doing most of my Christmas shopping. Faux Leather bird wallets, anyone? 

I became familiar with Vegan Cuts at Vegan Vida Con when I had the chance to sample one of their snack boxes. It had everything! And, as always, I was surprised to discover so many food products previously unfamiliar to me. This month I got to sample my first mail-order snack box and I gotta say, there is something pretty awesome about coming home to find a package at your door that you know is filled with all kinds of vegan goodies. 

Here’s a closer look inside my September Snack Box: 


The box included: 

  • An entire bad of Kiwa Vegetable Chips
  • Banana: Original Chewy Banana Bites
  • RawSnacks: Apricot Cinnamon Snack Bar


  • Home Free: mini double chocolate chip cookies
  • Square Bar: Cocoa Crunch


  • Lush Nuts: Dark Cocoa Chili Coated Peanuts
  • TeeChia: Super Seeds Cereal
  • Herbal Zap: Immune Support
  • Fishless Tuna


Most of these products were brand new to me and some (Fishless Tuna) completely blew my mind that they existed at all. Immediately I ripped open the vegetable chips (one of my all time favorite snacks) and enjoyed the entire bag over the course of an evening. As far as vegetable chips go they were fantastic. I loved the addition of parsnips and plantains. I also got through the bag of mini double chocolate chip cookies pretty fast. As a gluten-free, packaged snack I was very impressed with the flavor although a little disappointed in the texture. The Lush Nuts were probably my favorite snack in the entire box. Sweetly coated in cocoa and chili…yum! I’ve had Lush Nuts before, and never been disappointed. I have to say, the Fishless Tuna smelled so much like tuna fish when I opened the can, I couldn’t even try it. For anyone who loves tuna, Vegan Cut’s may have found the next best thing, but for me it had been too long since eating the stuff that I couldn’t find an appetite for it. That probably means Meatless Select is doing something right. I am still working through the rest of the box.

I’m eager to try the RawSnacks bar as well as the Super Seeds Cereal. 

While I am a huge proponent of eating whole foods when possible, I do think Vegan Cuts’ snack boxes fill a need for quick, healthy, on the go treats as well as getting vegan products out to you, where ever you are in the country which is especially valuable when you don’t have many options available to you. I appreciate what Vegan Cuts works to do and the success in which they do it and fully support them in their mission. I think you should give it a try to. For just $19.95 you could get your own Vegan Cuts’ snack box delivered to your front door. What are you waiting for? Click here now!

Next month I think I want to check out what that beauty box is all about. 

beauty box


Disclaimer: I was provided with a snack box to review. All opinions are my own. I liked the snack box so much, that I have become an affiliate. So if you order a snack box through my link, I will get a small commission.