And just like that 2013 comes to an end. 

That seems to be happening a lot – years ending and new ones beginning. Can’t we just get time to slow down a little bit? A few days ago Jason and I were reflecting on the last couple years and how much life has changed for us starting with memorial day weekend 2011 when I found out, quite surprisingly, that I was pregnant. And since that moment life has sped up with increasing velocity and no indication that it will be slowing down. Mere moments later 2013 is ending with Eden nearing her second birthday and Baby Nash joining our family. 

In an effort to savor the last few days of 2013, I have spent some time reflecting on the year and it’s many blessings, struggles, and lessons. I have paused during the late night and early morning feeding sessions with Nash and breathed in these short moments of life. With the deliberation I have used to both reflect on the year and live in the moment I (mostly) feel ready for 2014 and (mostly) await with eagerness what this next year will bring.

Join me as I traveling through last year one more time.   


January 2013: Eden turns One! Starting the year with a birthday celebration, I could hardly believe that the little girl I had just birthed was already turning one. With a handful of words, an armful of quirks, and a belly full of laughs, Eden entered her second year. And somehow I fell even more in love than the day I met her. 

February 2013: Eden and I go on our first road trip! With Jason traveling for work, Eden and I decide to head up to Seattle for a weekend. It was during this trip that I learned the importance of kids songs and snack breaks. 

March 2013: I turn 31. Yikes! And just like that I stopped rounding up when people asked my age.  

In the Raw: Sweet Indulgences from The Sweet Life

April 2013: The blog turns one and my first ebook, In the Raw is published! After many hours of recipe development and photo shoots and many headaches over Googling and formatting, Jason and I came out with a book we are both so proud to have produced. The intention was to have produced several more books by now but then…

May 2013: I found out I was pregnant again and 

June & July 2013: I enter the dark hole of pregnancy hibernation to cope with the all day and night “morning” sickness. 

August 2013: I emerge from hibernation in time to travel to one of my best friend’s wedding. I even got to make the wedding cake.

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September 2013: We find out that we’re having a boy, the family travels to Chicago for a family reunion, and my first interview is published in SHK Magazine. It was around this time that The Sweet Life began shifting from hobby to business.

October 2013: Eden fulfills her lifelong dream of becoming a monkey (for Halloween). 

November 2013: My first recipe comes out in print with Eternity Watch Magazine. Check out the November issue for this Raw Chocolate Caramel Walnut Tart. 


December 2013: Nash is born! It’s hard to believe how fast those nine months went by. It was just moments ago that I was taking a pregnancy test and seeing the faint positive line appear. While it hasn’t been an easy year (in terms of this pregnancy), it certainly was all worth it as it ended with meeting this little guy who has completed our family perfectly. 


And the top 9 recipes from 2013 are… 


1. Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts
2. Raw Banana Bread Breakfast Bars
 Raw Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
4. Raw Mint Oreo Cookies
5. Smoky Barbecue Bowl
6. Easy Raw Chocolate Mousse
7 .Lemon Crinkle Cookies
8. Raw Lemon Curd
9. Raw Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

 Happy New Year from my family to yours!

(Nash is in there somewhere)