Today’s Friday Five is all about the truth-telling.

Most of my friends (the in-person ones) will tell you that I am a transparent person. Above almost anything else I value honesty with oneself and others. I believe in being open about one’s emotions, struggles, doubts, etc. because I believe that in naming these things we take away their powers. My constant eagerness to share has gotten me into trouble more than once and has certainly made people uncomfortable as it seems I lack an understanding of what is socially acceptable. “Too much information” could be my middle name. I am constantly editing myself on this blog for these reasons.  

Today I’m having a little fun with Friday’s Five by sharing some of my behind the scene secrets. Don’t be fooled, friends. It’s not as put together as you might think. 

1. You know that black “backdrop” that somehow finds it’s way into, like, every single one of my pictures:


That’s just the (usually dusty) side of my mini fridge. 

2. I wrote this list on stocking the vegan pantry and while that is the dream, most of the time my pantry looks like this: 


3. A few weeks back I mentioned that I’m working from my home office now. That was very exciting… for the one day it lasted.  

I’m back to this: 

2014-02-26 20.37.25-1

and as for my “office”, well that’s become more of a holding spot for unfolded laundry.

4. Once or twice (or 500 times) I have talked my ineptitude for all things internet before becoming a blogger.  It goes much deeper than you may realize. I had never read a food blog before starting The Sweet Life. I didn’t really even know what a food blog was, although I had been told about 101 cookbooks a couple of times. The Sweet Life was born after a trip to Michigan. Inspired by all the vegan meals I had eaten I decided it would be neat to document them. A traveling person might even find it useful, I thought. I didn’t realize that already existed.

Oh, I knew nothing about food photography either. 

early pics

5. People think that because I’m a food blogger my dinners are always something like this:

Raw Pad Thai

or this:

stacked salad

But probably twice a week, this is dinner: 


Okay. It’s sharing time. What are your blogging confessionals?