Three years ago I found out I was pregnant with Eden.

The day before Jason and I were hiking at the Oregon coast with our dog, Swede, enjoying the burn of the workout and feeling young, vibrant, and healthy. An unwritten life stretched out ahead of us. The next day Jason went to work while I had the day off. That morning a strange intuition led me to the drug store followed by taking three (yes, three) pregnancy tests, all of which were positive. I immediately called Jason. He didn’t answer. I called my mom.

“I have a medical question for you, Mom.”
“What causes a pregnancy test to read positive?”



Needless to say, I was in some serious denial. Eden wasn’t planned – although the best thing that has ever happened to me – and in that moment on the phone with my mom, as the reality sunk in, my life took a very fast, very dramatic shift. In the days that followed the symptoms started. Too sick and tired to care, I picked up many unhealthy eating habits. Too sick and tired to try, I stopped exercising all together. Nine months later I gave birth to Eden, raised her for a year, then turned around and did it all over again. Three years of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding and three years of exhaustion have encouraged me to continued my bad eating habits and three years later I find that I now survive on coffee, chocolate, and peanut butter and jellies. 

Last week in Michigan I decided it was time to take a drastic step towards regaining the health and energy I once knew very well. And thus I began the 30 Day Challenge. 


I’ve never done a food cleanse quite this drastic but 2 pregnancy in 3 years is pretty drastic so it only seems appropriate.  

Here’s the idea – 

processed foods 
sugar (expect sugar naturally found in fruits)  

lentils and beans 
nuts and seeds

Today is day 7 of the cleanse and I’m feeling GREAT!

Initially I was terrified at the thought of starting the day off without coffee. Coffee and I go way back and our love, immeasurable. But it was becoming a problem. For years I would drink cup after cup of coffee every morning and often into the afternoon both out of habit and need. Replacing all other liquid intake, I started to feel heavy and bloated. And the more coffee I drank, the more lethargic I felt, and so the more coffee I drank. I had found myself in a catch 22. 

For the past week I have started my day off with a large glass of water and a green smoothie. These nutrient-packed drinks give me all kinds of natural energy, they fill me up until lunch, and are giving me substantial amounts of amino acids, protein, calcium, Vitamin C, and much, much, more.  


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Green Power Smoothie
Prep time
Total time
Makes: 1 serving
  • 2 tbsp dried goji berries
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 large frozen banana, chopped
  • 1½ cups fresh spinach or kale, packed
  • 1 stalk of celery, chopped
  • ½ Granny Smith apple, chopped
  • 1 cup coconut water
  1. Soak the goji berries and chia seeds separately for 15 minutes until the goji berries have rehydrated and the chia seeds are gelatinous and thick. Drain any excess water.
  2. Place all the ingredients in a high-powered blender or food processor and blend until all the ingredients are incorporated and the mixture completely smooth.
  3. Serve chilled.
Depending on the strength of your blender, you may want to pour the smoothie through a strainer before drinking.

I will continue posting here about my cleanse over the next three weeks, but if you want a closer look into what I’m eating follow along with Instagram


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