I used to think New Years Resolutions were a kind of silly. They never turned out too well for me. Within a few days of the new year my goals were long forgotten and only the faint guilt of broken resolutions lingered. So for years I ignored the ritual all together. I silently judged all the resolves for a “better me” and let the years change without a second look at myself.  More recently, however, I have seen the whole new years resolutions thing in a new way.  I’ve started to look forward to the fresh start that is symbolized through the changing of calendar years. It’s a renewed chance to evaluate where I am and where I want to go, a chance to shed the things that have dragged me down and reach for the things that give me life. Now what once was an arbitrary calendar change from December 31 to January 1 has become a perfect time to hit the refresh button of life.

And so with a fresh view and an optimistic outlook, I’m kicking off this year with the 30 day cleanse as both a physical and mental way to clean up and start fresh. If you don’t remember the 30 day cleanse from last year, here’s the idea:

processed foods 
sugar (expect sugar naturally found in fruits)  

lentils and beans 
nuts and seeds

For the entire month I will be sharing mouth-watering clean eating recipes:


Reviewing (and giving away) some new brand new, deliciously healthy cookbooks like this one by my friend Jess of Cupcakes and Kale


Also giving away several assortments of fantastic plant-powered superfoods and protein powders (and sharing how to add them into your favorite recipes like these Peanut Butter Date Protein Bars


And eating  a lot of smoothie bowls


If you want to join me in the 30 day cleanse, tag your photos #30daycleanse and I’ll share them along with my meals through Instagram and Facebook. And make sure to come back on Monday where I’ll sharing my first clean eating recipe and hosting a giveaway for over $100 worth of the newest Vega products. 

Here’s to a healthy 2015!