This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tazo® Tea. All opinions are 100% mine.

tazo-teaFriends, being back in school has been great! I find myself fitting very naturally into the student role. I get excited about going to class and doing the work afterwards because learning is just, well, awesome and more importantly, a privilege that is so often overlooked. My love for learning and my appetite for knowledge is probably why I decided teaching would be a good fit but it wasn’t without apprehension that I began my master’s program. However, a few weeks in and I feel more confident than ever that teaching is the right choice for me and it is with enthusiasm and curiosity that I move onward with my program.

I’ve also really enjoyed being back in school because I like the structure it provides. I thrive in a busy environment and productivity multiplies when I’m active. All of it is very very good and makes my life feel full in the best ways imaginable. I embrace this fall with joy and fullness that I didn’t expect to have so soon after the loss I went through last year.

Of course, the fullness doesn’t come without some stress. There are moments (sometimes many) throughout the week life can feel a little overwhelming and it is in those moments that I need to slow down, breathe and recongize the joy filling this season. There are many ways I do that throughout the day. One practice that I do nearly every day, sometimes throughout, is take a short moment to pause and reflect will sipping a cup of tea. Most recently my go-to tea has been Tazo® Tea green-tea blend, Zen.

tazo-tea2Tazo Tea’s Zen is a green tea blended with lemongrass, lemon verbena, and spearmint. This unique blend of flavors is refreshing, awakening my senses, and calming my stresses. With a bit of caffeine it offers me just the little pick-me-up I may need and I am able to #sipjoyfully while re-centering myself in the goodness that has come with the beginning of autumn.

But tea is not just for those moments. I have also enjoyed Tazo’s Passion® blend over the last few weeks when I’m feeling energized and upbeat. Passion is a herbal infusion of hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips & passion fruit providing an exuberant experience to be enjoyed at anytime throughout the day. 

Tazo takes great care in their tea blends and offers only high quality teas. Each tea is made with some of the finest-quality tea leaves, spices, and botanicals to create wonderfully complex flavors and unexpected blends to wake up every sensation and brighten up each day. While Tazo Tea provides delicious and inspired teas for the morning, such as their Awake™ English Breakfast blend, Tazo knows that tea is not just a start-of-the-day ritual, but something that can bring joy and cheer throughout the entire day.  Now that tea has become a regular part of my routine, I greatly appreciate Tazo Tea, their unique offerings, and the obvious care they put into their blends. 

tazo-tea2Life is full and busy and very very good. Appreciate it all with some Tazo Tea throughout your day. Visit them at or find them at your local grocery store. Advertisement

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