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Oh, hi! Welcome to My Darling Vegan, my vegan food blog where I share recipes and talk about life (my children). Formerly The Sweet Life, I recently decided to undergo a major rebrand. Why go through all the hassle? You can read about that here.

Whether you have travel from The Sweet Life or just now found me, I am so very glad you are here!


This is me and my darling two children. I also have a husband (that’s this guy)


but we couldn’t fit him in the frame. We live, eat, and raise kids in Portland, Oregon. I am a 5th generation Oregonian so the culture, rain, and history of the Northwest runs deep in my veins. 


Oh, and this sweet thing? That’s Eden. And it’s because of her that I blog. 


Why Blog?

Back in 2011 I was a frustrated food service employee. I had spent over a decade trying to create a career out of my skills and training in which I didn’t feel completely overworked, underpaid, and taken for granted. As I moved on from job to job, it started to feel like things may never change and the only thing left to look forward to was retirement. Then out of nowhere I got pregnant and in January of 2012 I gave birth to my daughter, Eden. 


Going back to work seemed ridiculous when comparing my paycheck to the prices of daycare and although I had never imagined myself a stay-at-home parent, I moved into that role both apprehensively and enthusiastically. For the first few months of her life all that girl did was nurse. For hours. Upon hours. 

And that’s how I began blogging. In my free moments I would make food and take pictures in our dimly lit rooms (it was the middle of winter) then write about it while holding her in my arms. At the time it was a way to pass the hours and keep my mind stimulated. Since then it has become so much more. 

As a culinary school graduate, with a B.A. in photography I have found a place to combine my skills and passions and spread the word about veganism while spending this era of my life staying at home with the kids. Kids? Oh yeah, last year this guy came along. 



Why Vegan?

I am often asked why I choose vegan. Since 2006 I have lived a vegan lifestyle out of conviction that all species deserve a chance to live a life free of torture, pain, and enslavement. The previous decade I had been what I called “a lazy vegetarian” which meant I mostly ate a meat-free diet unless something looked really really tasty. As you can imagine it was not out of conviction but rather a convenience to my (then) hippy lifestyle. 

Oh, I even found a photo documenting that time. This is me and my now-husband back in 2002. 


Anyway, in 2006 I watched the movie Earthlings and read the book Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating (both which can be viewed/read online through these links). After learning about the truth behind our food, there was no turning back. I read everything I could get my hands on, involved myself in every conversation I could, and once I felt fully informed I made the transition without even the slightest regret. 

I write more about my choice to go vegan here. And more recently in this interview. 

Marrying Jason (that’s the guy with the dreads in the above picture), birthing/raising Eden and Nash, and choosing vegan are easily the three most important things I have done in my life. 


What else makes me, me?


I love sweets. I wish I was someone who could “give or take” dessert but that’s just not me. 

My favorite time of year is fall but if you’ve spent even one second on my blog, you already know that.

In fact, the sun kind of scares me. Bring on the rain!

I love to read; my all-time favorite book is Wuthering Heights.

Someday I hope to run a vegan Bed and Breakfast

And I hope that you will come to stay!


You can also find me on:  


Oh, and in case you were wondering, I’ve already set up a retirement plan:



  1. Julia Rodriguez

    I am so excited to look around your blog and try some recipes. I have been dairy-free for a year and a half and vegan only a few months. Your blog will add to my excitement as I build my recipe book and creativity as a vegan. Thanks so much!!

    PS. Which part of Portland are you located? I’m in outer SE :)


    • Sarah

      Hey, congrats on going vegan! You’re in the BEST city to do it in. I’m glad you found my blog and you can always email me if you have any questions while you’re making this transition. I live in close-in North Portland, btw :)


  2. Sandy

    Found you on pinterest. Was tickled to find some raw recipes. I went raw 6 months ago and my husband joined me to make it easier for me. I was really sick. Cholesterol and triglycerides couldn’t be charted they was so high. I have coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis(hardening of arteries)and I have transient ishemic attacks (mini strokes). My doctor gave me meds of course, but nothing helped. I got worse. After several years of this I had gone to a new doctor who said unless I changed everything now, I wouldn’t live to see my 54th birthday. Then she proceeded in telling me how to go about it without drugs. This was 6 months ago and last week I saw my 54th birthday. I feel great. My total cholesterol is 130 and my tri’s are 101. I can’t believe how wonderful I feel and the weight I lost too. 50 lbs. My husband went from 300 lbs. to 201 lbs. and he too feels great. No aches and pains. We will never go back to eating our old way. I can’t believe that we ate so chemically all those years and willing too. Thanks for your raw recipes. I love carrot cake. You don’t by chance have a plum cake bites recipe do you. It is my fave of all time. You are a blessing to all who find your web site.


    • Sarah

      Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. How inspiring. I’m so happy for you and your husband. I have never thought about plum cake bites, but maybe I can start working on one for the holiday season. If I come up with something I’ll let you know!


  3. Erika

    Someday I hope to visit your vegan B&B! 😉 That sounds like it would be amazing!!


  4. Halee

    Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog today. I love it! I look forward to trying out a few of your recipes. Especially, the Asparagus and Sun-dried Tomato Quiche. My husband and I try to eat a vegan diet at home. We are currently living overseas and it is very difficult to find vegan food when you are on the go.


    • Sarah

      I’m glad you found me! MIT can be hard eating vegan in many other countries. I’m glad to hear you are doing what you can.


  5. LizW

    I am a 6th-generation Oregonian and am also a little scared of the sun 😉 Us fair-skinned people just do better in the clouds and rain!

    I love reading your blog and trying your recipes. Thanks for sharing a bit about you, too!

    (PS – I go to NFC with your folks) :)


    • Sarah

      No one understand my fear of the sun except other fair-skinned Oregonians. Glad you appreciate what it’s like!


  6. Susana

    Dear Sarah, thanks for sharing your history =) I am a yogi in progress and even being 99.99% vegetariam I am looking forward the 100% I am also considering go vegan… The problem is: I do not have cooking skills whatsoever =) and I am fine with that, not everybody has this talent, so blogs as yours make my life soooo much easier and I am so happy so meet (even online) passionate people like you! Thanks so Much! Namaste!


    • Sarah

      Hi Susana, thanks for talking the time to leave such a wonderful comment. I’m glad you found me and if you ever have any cooking questions, you can always email me. Take care.


  7. Treesa

    Nice to find a fellow Portland vegan blogger!


    • Sarah

      Portland is the best! You a long-time Oregonian?


  8. Maneesha Jain

    Please subscribe me


  9. Lindsay@ Vegan Yumminess

    Hi Sarah, What a beautiful blog and story you have created here. I too started blogging as a creative outlet when my first baby daughter was nursing all day. I too have an enormous sweet tooth that sometimes takes over my life. 😉 I’ll be a frequent visitor.


    • Sarah

      how cool that we have that in common!


  10. Annie Fox

    Hi Sarah! I googled recipes for vegan challah and your website was the third hit! pretty neat accomplishment. Seems like you are doing great! Your kids are adorable. – Annie Fox (Kuenster)


    • Sarah

      Hey Annie! Great to hear from you. Are you vegan? I just sent you a facebook friend request so I can find out all about what you’ve been up to for the past 14 years… :)


  11. Jasmin

    Hey Sarah,
    just now I found some time to read your story…
    Your family is amazing, and the vegetarian hippie faze something very familiar 😉
    I agree with you on the sun/rain issue, but rather than fall I choose winter with lots of snow…
    Wishing you many nice fall blogging years 😉


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