Over the past couple of weeks I have been enjoying what I call “second breakfast”.  My first breakfast is usually around 6:30 when Eden wakes up. I eat a quick bowl of cereal or oatmeal while working as quickly as possible to get coffee brewing. My desperation for coffee is a bit ironic, since I’m just drinking decaf right now. Regardless, it’s the ritual of that first cup of coffee that makes me feel normal.

My life has fallen into a rather nice routine of late. After Eden and I are finished with our cereal and I’m sitting down with my first cup of coffee, Jason reads to Eden while I do everything I can to stall him from leaving for work. Rarely successful, we are all headed out the door around 8:15 – him to work and Eden, the dog, and me to the park for our morning walk.

Somewhere around my lap around the park this second baby wakes up – the one inside of me – and wants to eat!  That’s when I take the time to prepare and enjoy what has become  my favorite meal: second breakfast.

This Tofu Avocado Benedict was a result of second breakfast this week and it surely did satisfy.